Mowing & Maintenance

Routine | Emergency | Specialty

For professional lawn services that typically include weekly mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, weed-eating, and blowing, many local property owners often turn to our company, York River Landscaping because of our unwavering reliability, flexible scheduling, commitment to quality, as well as our hassle-free affordability.

Landscaping Services

Designs | Maintenance | Installations

When seeking new landscape design services featuring mapping & layout placement or landscaping services that are geared towards existing landscaping maintenance such as mulch and trimming services, we encourage all local homeowners and fellow businesses to consider taking advantage of our noteworthy landscaping-based coverage.

Yard Cleanups

Spring | Fall | Emergency

When preparing ones New Hampshire/Maine property for the turn of each season (be it from the onset of fall from a sweltering summer or when spring loosens winter's icy clutch), it's often best to explore local yard cleanup options through our local landscaping company, York River Landscaping, for the best possible results all year round!

Commercial Services

Landscaping | Maintenance | Cleanups

We offer extensive service coverage for commercial properties in addition to the landscaping, maintenance, and cleanup services we offer for their local residential counterparts. For the convenience of our commercial clientele, we offer our property-based services such as routine upkeep and groundskeeping on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.


When you hire York River Landscaping for your lawn or landscaping services, you'll receive the highest level of professionalism and experience from every member of our team. Your property is treated as our own and we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our services. Ready to get started?


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