Residential Maintenance Services

Incorporating routine maintenance and upkeep for a residential property's landscaping is extremely beneficial towards the vibrance, aesthetic value, and overall longevity its many hardscaped and softscaped elements. Taking into account that our communities experience some of the most tumultuous weather and inclement climate fluctuations as anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard here in the USA, it's essential to implement a way to to combat the more severe expressions of our changing seasons. Often, this can be readily accommodated by the landscaping maintenance & upkeep services we offer for residential properties in the Maine/New Hampshire communities. For the betterment of local residential landscaping, we offer a wide array of landscaping maintenance and proactive upkeep services that include trimming services, weeding coverage, edging services, as well as removal & disposal services for many of the organic aspects of a property's softscaping: leaves, shrubs, branches, foliage, and stumps to name but a few.

Services include:

Residential Mowing Services

Whether the lawn and landscaping featured throughout your New Hampshire/Maine home's layout is vast, sprawling, and resplendent with many intricate hardscaped elements of pathways, raised gardens, and a retaining wall that needs circumventing to affect quality mowing services or if your particular residential landscaping layout is less robust and more modestly designed, it's still imperative to ensure the mowing services performed are of consistent quality and are geared towards aesthetics. In direct response to that, our company, York River Landscape, boasts generations of experience in routine, specialty, and emergency mowing services for residential properties in the greater Maine/New Hampshire regions.

Commercial Services

For most business owners, mowing and maintaining the lawn and landscaping themselves isn’t practical. With all the other day to day tasks of running the business, mowing the lawn or pulling weeds from the landscaping is not a priority but must be done. When you hire us this is our number one priority, ensuring your lawn and landscaping is well maintained.
We service any type of business or commercial property. If you are the owner of an apartment complex, a retail complex, restaurant, bank, or any other commercial property, we are the team to hire. We stand out because of our attention to detail, our experience and our friendly service, all at a fair price.

Services include:

✓ Weekly professional mowing
✓ Trimming around obstacles and building
✓ Edging along parking lot, walkways and entry ways
✓ Weed and maintain landscape beds
✓ Blow any clippings and debris
✓ Pick up any trash found on the property
✓ Hedge trimming and pruning at least twice a year

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