Seasonal Yard Cleanup Services
Portsmouth | York | Rye

While the spring and fall seasons can be incredibly beautiful, with either blooming flowers or falling vibrant green, yellow, and red leaves, it’s also the time of year when your lawn needs some much-deserved attention. Cleaning up and raking leaves is just as important as keeping your lawn regularly mowed. Luckily, At York River Landscaping, we have been in the business for nine years providing residential communities in Maine and New Hampshire (including York, Portsmouth, and Rye) with fall and spring yard cleanup services.

Each Season Entails Different Cleanup Services

Both the spring and fall season call for a different cleanup. Spring requires more of a focus on preparation for summer like picking up debris left from winter and adding a fresh layer of mulch to your landscaping beds. During the fall season, cleanup mostly involves clearing your lawn from fallen dead leaves and other debris before the upcoming dormant winter months.
Raking up all the dead leaves is an important task. Leaving a mess on your lawn can block sunlight and smother the grass. This can lead to mold growth, the spread of disease, and more unpleasant lawn issues.

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